Once Upon A Time…

As a little girl, I grew up in love with the classic princess fairy tale. I wasn’t concerned with the prince (boys still had cooties back then), but I was a member of a swim team just so I could pretend I was a mermaid, took riding lessons so I could eventually gallop away on a brilliant white horse, and would sing my heart out as I helped with house chores.

I also grew up very lucky. My mom was a rider when she younger and I was surprised with our first just-barely pony, appropriately named Angel, when I was twelve. For years it was just her and I—a princess and her angel. We pranced our way around the show ring, galloped bareback through fields, and jumped the moon. I truly was living a little girl’s dream. But as every kid does, I grew up, and with that came growing out of my Angel. I was getting ridiculously tall on her and she was about ready to retire from the show ring when I went off to college in a different state. She has her forever home with my family but between her and my mom’s horse, there were no plans on purchasing another.

They say that the best things in life are unexpected and plans change—I have to agree. Enter, the prince charming to my fairy tale. Being a big, clumsy warmblood, Axcent is more beast than prince. He trips on air, has no idea what personal space is, and is always looking for food, but he does have a certain charm to him that won me over. Buying a horse in college was definitely not in the plan, but suddenly I was ripping the check out of my wallet and calling him mine.

Overtime Axcent’s nicknames have varied—Prince, Meatball, The Pon—except for one; Buffalo. So while I am not going to call myself a beauty, I do feel like I am living in a storybook tale and I do happen to have a buffalo.

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