2017 Northeast Friesian Horse Club Classic Horse Show to Excite

Submitted by Dianne Dakowicz

The Northeast Friesian Horse Club (NEFHC) Classic Horse Show will be held June 23rd through the 25th at the Deerfield Fairgrounds, which is a new location for them. The full three-day show starts Friday morning with in-hand classes for all breeds and ends Sunday afternoon with champion classes! The weekend is packed full of classes for all riders and horses. Please note the entry deadline is June 10th.  would like to welcome the public to come watch the show ringside in the fair’s large bleachers. The NEFHC would like to thank The Friesian Horse Association of North America and all their sponsors who help make this a great show. For full list of classes, vendors, and sponsors please see their website at www.nefhc.com.

Message from the NEFHC President:
I want to welcome everyone to our 2017 NEFHC Classic Horse Show. We are very excited about our show this year because we’ve made some significant changes. The horse show is an open horse show and it is being held this year at the Deerfield Fairgrounds. We have added in a new division of Academy Classes and we added in more open classes. Also we have extended our show to be three full days.

We still have our trademark classes of Costume for both Period and Fantasy for the Friesians and an open Costume Class where all other breeds can compete. Another highlight are the Liberty Classes. Friesian Liberty and Open Liberty are the available classes for all other breeds. In these classes you provide your favorite music and your horse can strut their stuff at liberty. These are very exciting classes whether you are an exhibitor or a spectator. We hope you enjoy them.

I hope you enjoy our horse show and I want to wish all the exhibitors the best of luck!

– Michelle Loulakis
NEFHC President

The NEFHC would like to invite you to use their website, www.nefhc.com, for the latest news including events their Friesians will be participating in, horse shows with Friesian classes, and clinics being held by our members.

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