Equine Journal’s 2017 Holiday Wish List

Fresh Picks for the month of November

What is on your shopping list this season? If you’re a horse lover or someone just shopping for one, here are a few items to get you started, from stocking stuffers to presents to put under the tree.

Pecard Horse Tack Leather Care

Leather is a significant investment yet, with proper care, it can provide a lifetime of use and protection for the rider and horse. In order to do this, leather requires protection from the elements to remain soft, and weatherproof. For over 100 years Pecard has strived to formulate the safest and most effective conditioner in the world resulting in high performance products, providing superior protection for riders and their gear. Soft, pliable leather ensures great comfort for you and your horse, resulting in a better ride and a happy horse.

EKO Sweep

The ultimate Wish List item for horse owners who wish to keep their paddocks clean, healthy and tidy. EKO Sweeps are an efficient chemical free way to help control worms and parasites for healthier livestock and pastures. Great for horses, sheep, llamas, alpacas, geese etc.  The EKO Sweep is the perfect maintenance groomer and manure collector for any farm, ranch, home with livestock. The EKO Sweep’s enclosed capture bin allows for collection even on hot humid days or in high wind areas. When towed behind a quad or similar vehicle, the EKO Sweep can groom up to several acres of any type of terrain or pasture in less than an hour.

Arrowhead Animal Health No-Chew Cohesive Wrap

Be ready for anything with Arrowhead Animal Health tapes and wraps. Our tapes are built to be stronger, stretch better, and grip itself tighter than other similar products on the market today. We make our tapes 100% in the USA, using our own equipment and materials in our Massachusetts plant.

•   Industry-leading self-stick and tensile strength
•   Easy unwind, application, and tear
•   Does not stick to fur, or lose grip when wet
•   Pleasant special scent supports chew prevention
•   No-chew chemistry is human food-grade, natural means of preventing animals chewing on healing or sensitive areas

Natural Alternative Grazers NAG Bags Loading Rack

Love your hay bags, but hate filling them? We, at NAG Bags, aspire to make daily chores quick and easy; letting us have more time to enjoy what we love most…our animals! After popular demand, we have found the solution to all your filling needs. NAG Bags new loading racks can be mounted anywhere, or hung on almost every fence. These racks fit all flake feeding bags and are a great solution to make for filling painless. Use promo code “equine” to receive 15% off your order.

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