Horse Show Grooming Gear

1. Absorbine ShowSheen

At every horse show, you are bound to see a bottle of ShowSheen in just about every trailer, and for good reason. As the final touch in grooming, this polish and detangler has become a staple in our tester’s grooming box. It’s a non-greasy product that can be sprayed all over the horse’s body for a clean and soft coat, mane, and tail that will catch any judge’s eye. After using ShowSheen, our tester found dirt and even burs easier to remove from her horse, making bathing a less frequent necessity. As for the spray’s fragrance, our tester found it to be refreshing and not too over powering.
Buy it:; $16.99 

2. EQyss Premier Shampoo andPremier Spray

Grooming your horse for a show begins with a good bath and a great shampoo. Our tester’s muddy gelding really put the EQyss Premier Shampoo to the test and we are happy to report that he came out squeaky clean! Gentle, silicone-free, and pH balanced, this shampoo easily removed dirt from the coat and white markings while being still safe for the most sensitive of horses. Though our tester did find that she needed to do an extra rinse to fully remove any leftover suds, her horse was left shiny, soft, and smelling amazing.

Perfectly paired with the shampoo, the EQyss Premier Spray gave our tester’s horse an added boost of moisture and shine that even her barn mates noticed! Intended to be used wet or dry whenever you’re grooming or bathing, his spray has a non-slip finish (that means no more having to carefully avoid the saddle area) that repels dust while being free of silicones. After a few days of use, our tester’s horse’s sensitive and dandruff-prone skin was less flakey and much more hydrated.
Buy it:; Shampoo $17.99, Spray $16.99

3. Ponytail Show Pony Shine

Any equestrian knows that keeping a horse’s tail untangled can be an arduous task—those course hairs just want to be a tousled mess and tail swishing sure doesn’t help. Enter, Ponytail Show Pony Shine. This ultra moisturizing high gloss serum is made with a blend of argan, avocado, and macadamia seed oils that aid in detangling and shine without leaving the hair sticky. Our tester’s horse’s tail has a chronic case of knots, often resembling dreadlocks, but a little bit of this serum cut her combing time in half and kept it silky for the following days. The best part? You can use it on yourself, too!
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