Protective Gear

1. SmartPak Polo Wraps

Coming in multiple colors, as a pack of four, and at a very wallet-friendly price, we think these polo wraps from SmartPak are a great addition to anyone’s tack trunk. Our tester loved the super soft, thin fleece that these polos are made of, making them easy to wrap right out of the handy storage bag they arrive in. Wide, heavy-duty Velcro keeps them secure, and the fleece is easily washed and dried with no problems. Though they only come in one size, our tester found them to be the right length for her 16.1 warmblood, and a simple trim on the end, can make these the perfect length for your horse!
Buy it:; $16.95

2. EquiFit Essential Bell Boot

A 24/7-bell boot wearer due to an overreaching stride, our tester’s horse really put Equifit’s new Essential Bell Boots to the test. A wide, Velcro hook and loop closure kept these bell boots securely on for all of our four-legged tester’s warm-weather antics, and the EverLeather outer held up beautifully, protecting his heel bulbs from injury and helping keep his shoes on. For those with horses that have sensitive legs, these also feature a soft, rolled fleece top that prevents rubbing or chafing. Though they do run a hair on the small side and a bit more expensive than some other options, these bell boots are made to last and keep your horse comfortable.
Buy it:; $55.95

3. Dressage Sport Boot 2

Keeping your horse’s legs protected is important in any discipline, and the Dressage Sport Boot 2 (DSB2) did just that for our tester’s horse. Made for both front and hind legs, soft fleece on the inside of these boots prevent rubbing of horses’ legs while a super heavy-duty exterior and extra padding in the “strike area” defends against impact. Sturdy Velcro strips keep these boots in place, and the nylon binding on the bottom prevented footing from getting in. Our tester’s horse wears boots whenever he is working and the DSB2 boots had the perfect amount of padding to protect his legs during riding and longeing.
Buy it:; $77

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