Roaming Romania

Though Romania may not be at the top of most equestrians’ bucket lists, this beautiful country has a lot of respect for horses. Many residents still use horses for farm and labor; perhaps this is because of the need for work, or perhaps it is due to the pride of their very own workhorse. The Hucul pony goes by many names, including the Carpathian pony due to its origin being in the Carpathian Mountains. These small horses make up for their lack of size in toughness and strength, hence why they are ideal workhorses. These qualities, along with their sweet disposition, make them great for trail rides as well, which Romania has in abundance. Far and Ride Trail Rides offer many packages and locations across the world, including the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, which uses homebred Carpathian horses for their trails. There is nothing more special than riding through a mountain on which a horse is named after!

Outside of the gorgeous mountains, Romania has many other gems that will spark interest and awe. The countryside is littered with castles, fortresses, medieval towns, traditional villages with train rides, world heritage sites, painted monasteries, medical spas, and Black Sea resorts. Two of these highlights are Eforie Nord and neighboring Eforie Sud; both are hotspot resorts located between the Black Sea and Lake Techigiol. Ana Health Spa is one of the many gorgeous facilities that offers various therapies such as electrotherapy and kinesiotherapy. Similarly, Eforie Sud offers many of the services of Eforie Nord, only is a bit quieter and has spas featured in treating skin diseases and chronic pain. Being right on the coast, vacationers can enjoy all the fun of the sea with their families while seeking treatment if needed.

When visiting Romania, be sure to keep an eye on the ongoing festivals and events. This June is the Traditional Crafts Fair in Romania’s capitol, Bucharest, where artisans and craftsmen from all over the country gather to offer free demonstrations of woodcarving, rug weaving and embroidering, potter molding, glass blowing, egg painting, and more.

If food and wine are more your pace, look no further than Bucharest. While it may be known for the birth of pastrami, Romania has many other signature food dishes to offer in their up and coming capitol. One place that tourists will love is Loft Lounge. Once upon a time, Loft was a printing press. Now it is a hot spot for the younger crowd with its fun menu and vibrant nightlife. If classic cuisine is of interest, a visit to Lacrimi si Sfinti, which translates to Tears and Saints, should be on your agenda. The menu is chuck full of traditional Romanian meals to delight any tourist or citizen of the country.

Though Romania is not Italy or France, they do have a lot of options when it comes to wine. To get a better idea, visit one of the many vineyards, including the famous Murfatlar Vineyard, just miles away from the Black Sea. Romania is known to have a deep history with wine; you may find a new love for the drink, or a new kind that was made for you.

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