Trail Riding Gear


1. Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask

For some horses, just a fly bonnet isn’t enough when riding. Enter, Cashel’s Quiet Ride Fly Mask. Made of a fine nylon mesh that is softer and more flexible than a traditional fly mask, this protective piece was made with your horse’s comfort in mind. The ears are made of a breathable micromesh to block bugs, and the mask is edged in a soft fleece so there is no worries of rubs. Our tester’s gelding isn’t afraid to shake his head at the sight of a fly, often making trail rides more stressful than fun, but this mask kept him happy and his face free of pests on even the buggiest of days.
Buy it:; $25.99

2. EasyCare Inc. Easyboot Trail

A big concern for a lot of trail riders is debris and sharp objects getting stuck in their horses’ hooves. EasyCare Inc.’s Easyboot Trail is the remedy for that! Our tester loved these easyto-use, double Velcro boots, especially the aggressive tread on the bottom of the boot for optimal traction. Additional comfort pads may be purchased for extra hoof support, which is great for horses with sensitive feet. It may take a few tries to find the perfect fit, though the website features a great sizing guide. With various sizes and a fair price, you can fit your horse with a great protective product without breaking the bank.
Buy it:; $84

3. Shires Equestrian Products Equi-Flector Exercise Sheet

An important aspect of trail riding is staying visible—especially during hunting season— and this bright orange exercise sheet is the perfect piece to keep you noticeable on the trail. The Equi-Flector Exercise Sheet features reflective strips on both sides and the tail flap, so you’ll be visible from all angles. Unsure of how hot a sheet would be in the summer, our tester was happy to find the fabric to be a fine, lightweight, and breathable mesh that didn’t trap in warmth. At an affordable price and in a range of sizes, this exercise sheet is a musthave for anyone hitting the trails.
Buy it:; $47.99

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