Leather Care Essentials

1. Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner

Our tester found that this tack cleaner and conditioner is perfect for your everyday cleaning jobs. With a fine mist that can be easily applied to a towel and then effectively to tack, the pH balanced spray helped clean off dirt and dust quickly—there is no extra rinsing or wiping needed—and easily. The conditioner was our tester’s favorite, as it did not leave her tack or her hands oily after use; plus she loved the natural scent of both products, as they are made with aromatherapy-like scents such as lavender, floral citrus, and eucalyptus.
Buy it: sterling-essentials.com; $16.95 and $19.95

2. Coast to Coast Equestrian Deep Cleaning Tack Soap and Super Conditioning Leather Balm

Aptly named, this soap and balm, which are handmade right here in New England, do just as they say! After being forgotten at the bottom of a tack trunk, the Deep Cleaning Tack Soap did a great job of scrubbing our tester’s neglected halter clean, removing mold and mildew easily with a sponge. Followed up with the Super Conditioning Leather Balm, the halter became supple and soft once again, with no greasy residue or slimy feeling left behind, leaving it looking brand new. Our tester loved this combo and has made it her go-to for those tough tack cleaning jobs.
Buy it: coasttocoasteq.com; $15 each

3. Absorbine Leather Therapy Wash and Leather Therapy Restorer & Conditioner

Absorbine’s line of Leather Therapy tack conditioner and spray is the ideal candidate for those tough cleaning jobs everyone has to take on. The wash helps get rid of any surface dirt, mold, and mildew and perfectly preps the leather for conditioning. The conditioner is great for tack that has been disregarded for some time, as it is able to soften even the most rigid leather. Though a bit oilier than some of the others tested, our tester found that Leather Therapy helped get even the toughest job done.
Buy it: absorbine.com; $16.95 each

4. SmartPak Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

The first thing our tester noticed about this two-in-one creation was the amazing smell; the second was how well it worked on her dirty tall boots. Acting as both a cleaner and a conditioner, this product is made with glycerin soap and goat’s milk to cleanse and nourish your leather at the same time. One quick use removed all of the day’s dirt and grime from our tester’s tack without leaving a residue, making it perfect for the suggested daily wipe down of tack that is so often skipped. As a bonus, this product comes with its own little sponge.
Buy it: smartpakequine.com; $19.95

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