Bits and Accessories Tested

1. Herm Sprenger Duo Bit

Calling all super sensitive-mouthed horse owners, this one is for you! Made of a soft, bendable plastic, our tester found the Herm Sprenger Duo bits to be perfect for her fussy gelding. The straight but flexible mouthpiece means there is no risk of pinching. One side is slightly arced to allow more room for the tongue, and it comes in a variety of types, including leverage bits. Because it is plastic, the bit is susceptible to chewing and marks, but our tester didn’t find her horse playing with it any more than usual and even after numerous uses, the mouthpiece only showed the normal teeth marks of a plastic or rubber bit.
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2. Happy Mouth Contour Double Jointed Bit

New to the beloved brand of Happy Mouth bits is the collection with a contoured mouthpiece. Our tester, who is a longtime user of the soft bits on her sensitive horse, loved the curved design that fits the mouth better—as did her horse! The combination of the apple-scented “space age polymer” and the bowed mouthpiece makes these bits perfect for those that need something more gentle than the traditional metal. The collection currently comes in two double-jointed options, including one with a copper roller for those horses that need a little help accepting the bit, but only features eggbutt and eggbutt gag rings.
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3. Adjusta Bit by Coronet

Sick of buying the same bit in different sizes for different horses? Coronet has you covered with their line of Adjusta bits. With a simple twist of the cheek pieces, this bit’s unique design adjusts anywhere from 4¾” to 5½”, meaning you can get the perfect fit for a variety of horses. Our tester loved the idea and thought it would be perfect for a trainer or lesson barn with multiple horses. Though the bits currently only come in a single-jointed metal or rubber mouthpiece, they offer different rings such as a dee ring, kimberwick, and others!
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4. Bit Butter

Dubbed “equine lip balm” by our tester, Bit Butter is a fun—and sometimes necessary— addition to your tack trunk. Made with natural butters, oils, and waxes, this balm is formulated to soothe and moisturize dry lips while encouraging acceptance of the bit and improving focus while riding. When used on our tester’s gelding, she found his lips soft and less dry the next day, especially in the corners, but she didn’t see too much of a difference when the butter was applied to the underside of the bit before riding. However, if your horse has a tendency to have dry, calloused, or chafed lips from the bit, we definitely recommend giving this a try.
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