CM Footing Services Joins GGT-Footing

CM Footing Services owner, Clayton McElvain is a third-generation horseman. He has been on and around horses his entire life and spent many years in the show ring competing across the country on the hunter/jumper circuit with his family’s Rancho Corazon. Since a young age Clayton has been on the tractors and other equipment at the farm, building and maintaining the footing on the farm as well as all the other skills necessary to keep a large farm in working condition.

After graduating from Fountain Valley School in 2014 Clayton worked for Hipico Santa Fe installing and maintaining the variety of competition arenas at the facility. That experience allowed him to experiment with many different types of materials and mixtures to develop the knowledge and expertise to specialize the footing to suit the desired application. Clayton has worked in the role of Director of Footing and Maintenance at the facility for the last 5 years. Prepping and maintaining the footing for the Santa Fe Summer Series as well as all the other equestrian events at Hipico encompassing the entire spectrum of equestrian sport from barrel racing to dressage competition.

He has worked in the installation and maintenance of sand, grass, and synthetic footing both all-weather and indoor applications. Clayton also has worked at various facilities and shows across the country with footing maintenance and installation. Thanks to his generational and personal knowledge and experience, Clayton can design and install all types of arenas from everyday working arenas to world class professional competition arenas.

To contact Clayton, please call 575-418-7198 or email

GGT -Footing is the equine footing division of Polysols, Inc., located in Spartanburg, SC. Originally based out of Germany, but due to demand in the USA, a plant was opened eight years ago, to accommodate the growing needs. Now offering a full line of Arena textile additives, specialty groomers, stall padding, arena butterfly matting systems, dust control. Underwater irrigation systems and water free solutions by our installers. GGT -Footing also has a pre-blended mix available to ship, ready to install on your freshly laser graded base.

We offer arena and free sand consultation. We also have accomplished arena builders around the world, ready to serve your every need for arena footing. Our products are used in private back yard farms to World Class Olympic level venues. GGT -Footing is a world class product that you can afford!

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