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Skip taking your blankets to a specialty cleaner and do it yourself with this blanket wash. Our tester was surprised to open the jar to a liquid product, but was thrilled when her blankets came out looking brand new after one cycle in the washing machine—it even got rid of that classic dirty blanket smell we all know and hate. She also loved that it didn’t break down any of her turnout blankets’ waterproofing and that it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff, so the $11 16-ounce jar gives you about 30 loads. Combine that with the savings of not outsourcing your cleaning and talk about getting your bang for your buck!
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Our tester’s sensitive gelding (with a tendency to have a skin reaction to most liniments) put the stamp of approval on this muscle gel when he had no reactions after use! This gel is made with natural and herbal ingredients long used to support normal blood fl ow (i.e. prevent inflammation) and reduce soreness such as comfrey leaf and arnica. The consistency of the gel made it easy to pump and apply exactly where needed. Our tester used the gel just as she would any muscle rub—after a strenuous ride—and was happy to find her horse’s legs tight and inflammation-free the next day. Sensitive horse owners, this is one to keep in your tack trunk.
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It was love at first spray when our tester tried out this dry shampoo. Formulated completely with natural oils and ingredients, the spray removes dust and dirt easily from your horse’s coat without leaving a slippery or greasy fi lm. Our tester found the best results came after lightly rubbing the product into the coat with a clean towel—this left her horse dust- and dander- free—and noted to be sure to give the bottle a good shake before using as the oils can separate. With use once or twice a week, our tester’s horse was looking show ring ready even without a bath!
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