Brian Moggre and MTM Vivre Le Reve Race to Win $36,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic CSI3*

Thursday evening at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show welcomed the fourteenth season opener of the seven-part Hagyard Challenge series with the $36,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic CSI3*. The class hosted a substantial starting list of 94 horse-and-rider combinations, all attempting to walk away with the top honors. At the end of a competitive class, Brian Moggre and Major Wager LLC’s MTM Vivre Le Reve captured the victory after an extremely competitive jump-off against some of the world’s top ranked athletes.


Brian Moggre and MTM Vivre Le Reve (©Callie Clement/Phelps Sport)

The course, designed by Anderson Lima (BRA), challenged athletes to 16 efforts in the first round of competition. With a time-allowed of 78 seconds, athletes were asked to guide their mounts around a number of obstacles, including three double combinations and a triple bar featured at the end of the course. The time-allowed proved to be tight for some competitors, with 42 percent of the night’s competitors incurring time faults.

First to go in the class, Amanda Derbyshire (Great Britain) and Gochman Sport Horses LLC’s Cornwall BH were the pathfinders with a clean and clear round, and 17 competitors throughout the course of the evening followed suit. Top-ranked athletes from around the world qualified for the jump-off, including Darragh Kenny (Ireland), Scott Keach (Australia), and Shane Sweetnam (Ireland). During the second round of competition, where speed played a role in addition to leaving all of the fences up, 15 horse-and-rider combinations elected to return to vie for top honors.

Andrew Ramsay and Stranger 30 (©Barre Dukes/Phelps Sport)

The first clear jump-off round was produced once again by Derbyshire, however her time wouldn’t be fast enough to hold up. Directly following her round, Alison Robitaille and Bertram and Diana Firestone’s Ace would shave six seconds off the leading pair’s time, ending on 41.180 seconds. Athletes continued to push the limits of the course, producing faster rounds with each trip. Andy Kocker (U.S.) and Kenny each took their turns at the top of the leaderboard, with subsequent athletes also overtaking the lead.

Sixth to go in the jump-off was Andrew Ramsay (U.S.) and Stranger 30, a 13-year-old Hanoverian gelding. The pair put in a speedy jump-off time of 37.97 seconds that would put them in the lead, but three trips later Ali Wolff (U.S.) and her longtime partner Casall, owned by the Black Lick Bend Farm, shaved nearly two-tenths of a second off of Wolff’s time to be the next contenders to take over the lead.

Ali Wolff and Casall (©Callie Clement/Phelps Sport)

Not to be intimidated by a lineup of veteran athletes, 17-year-old Brian Moggre entered the ring twelfth in the order of go with his World Cup Qualifier winning mount, MTM Vivre Le Rive. Determined to change the standings, Moggre left out two strides in the first line and utilized tight turns to speed to a 36.18-second finish, more than one and a half seconds ahead of Ramsay and Casall. Their time would stay in the top position for the remainder of the jump-off to finish in first place.

Ultimately settling in second place was Wolff and the 14-year-old Holsteiner gelding, Casall. The pair has won a number of impressive titles, including the $216,000 Upperville Jumper Classic CSI4* in 2018. Third place would be captured by Ramsay and the Stranger Group’s Stranger 30, a pair that has campaigned all through Europe together during the winter season.



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