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Farm Name: Summerwind Marchadors, Inc.

Address: Scottsdale, AZ and Pagosa Springs CO

Phone: 602-999-3915


What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

Summerwind Marchadors is one of the early importers of the Mangalarga Marchador horse into North America. Since 2002, we have traveled to Brazil almost every year and studying genetics and the MM breed from great breeders and trainers there. With a focus on genetic diversity as well as proven genetics, we began importing frozen semen from selectMangalarga Marchador stallions in Brazil in 2012.

Around that same time, we began a network of Marchador breeders that would breed and offer “future foals” of our unique genetics for reservation, before the foals were born. These Summerwind Future Foal breeders agree with our standards of excellence and share similar philosophies of care.

We follow the Brazilian tradition of naming foals with the letters of the alphabet. We are very proud to have reached the letter O in 2020 – 16 years. It could be the longest timeframe so far in North America Marchador history.

Give us three words to describe your facility in a nutshell.
Calm. Honest. Long-term.

What sets your barn apart from others?
Summerwind Marchadors offers more than a dozen Mangalarga Marchador stallions for stud service, most with frozen semen, and imported from Brazil. These stallions have proven production and are from champion and ELITE bloodlines in Brazil. They pass on their quality genetics in conformation, bone, temperament, beauty and gait. “Expect to be impressed” is our motto. We guarantee our foals. In 2020, the list will be:

1. Arun de Maripa
2. Atrevido do Porto Palmeira
3. Carnaval Sao Lourenco
4. Farrapo de Maripa
5. Fole de Maripa
6. Hawke do Summerwind
7. Jedi-Knight do Summerwind (cooled semen too)
8. Kharisma do Summerwind
9. La Paz Jivago
10. Oma de Maripa
11. Talisma Kafe
12. Violeiro do Riomar – Brazilian National Champion
13. Ximoio de Maripa

Our future foal program allows the buyer to pick the genetics and pay over time until your foal is born, weaned and able to come to you. We offer a package of training and services that is worth over $1000 to the new owner as we start them as if they were our own and handle our foals from birth.We also offer to care for the foal until the buyer is ready – that could be after the foal is three years old and started under saddle – totally customized to the new owner.

All our Marchador horses are inspected and registered with the ABCCMM, the Brazilian association to ensure quality in the Marchador breed here in North America.

Give us a guided tour of your facilities:
In Scottsdale AZ, we occupy Marchador Alley – a series of large outdoor pens so our horses can live together as a herd. This facility has training and breeding facilities for a complete package should we need an arena or a foaling stall. Our breeding vet, Jerry Longworth, is part of the SBS network of breeders and he handles all of our frozen semen inventory.

In Pagosa Springs, we have grass. We believe mares in foal and mares with foals do best on grass, so we are here from May to October. A huge barn that houses the horses at night, and a ranch that backs up to National Forest. Peaceful, blue skies, clean air, amazing bird life and wildlife along with a happy herd are found here.

We ride and train every day. We welcome visitors to come and meet a Marchador every day in both locations.

What does your show schedule look like?
We are not a show barn; we are a breeding barn. Our Marchador horses are sold as foals to others. Summerwind Marchadors around the country compete in many performance sports such as endurance, jumping, mounted archery, eventing, cowboy dressage and working equitation.

Do you host any events at your farm?
Yes, we offer 1-2 clinics per year given by others so we can keep learning too, often focused on the Marchador breed, but sometimes just focused on general horse care or a specific sport. In 2019, we offered our first summer camp in Pagosa Springs for children and young adults, run by DJ Sims of Silver Stables Marchadors.

Once a year, we are the host for the ABCCMM inspections needed for the foals and the adult horses to obtain registration with the Brazilian association.

Photos by Tamara Gooch

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