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Hayes Is For Horses

Horses, Healing, and Prisons

One of my first experiences in witnessing the amazing dynamic that is possible in the interaction between horses and humans occurred over 20 years ago at a maximum-security prison in Florence, CO. It…

Horses and Spirituality

For over two decades, I have been teaching the principals of natural horsemanship (or what was once referred to as “horse whispering”) helping humans create better relationships with their horses. During this time,…

Horses and Humans in Winter

Winter can bring the doldrums even to our horses. In their natural environment, the air gets colder, the ground gets harder, food gets scarcer, and predators get hungrier. Like us, sometimes they just don’t…


In 1996 I participated in a three-day self-awareness workshop. It was enormously helpful and quite enlightening. One of many concepts I learned made a huge…

Holidays and Horses

It’s the holiday season: families, friends, eating, travel, reflection, spirituality, and gifts. Before running out to buy the new iPhone or that GAP gift certificate, I’d like…

Horses, Humans, and Healing

By Tim Hayes I am proud and deeply grateful to share with Equine Journal and it’s readers that after it’s first year as a best selling hardcover, St. Martin’s Press has just published the paperback edition of my book Riding…

4 Reasons A Horse Says "No!"

  By Tim Hayes The most asked question in the equine world is, “Why does my horse sometimes refuse to do what I ask him to do?”  No matter what situation is occurring, the problem is always some form of horse…

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