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Prepurchase Exam

Footwear for the Farm

1.Ovation Moorland Boot Having the perfect fit while still being versatile and stylish is hard to come by in boots, but our tester found that Ovation’s Moorland Boot meets all of these needs. They are perfect for barn chores to…

Mind Your Melon

Troxel ES While Troxel has many helmet styles to choose from, the ES is a modern choice due to its attractive and show-appropriate micro-suede material. With vents subtly placed under a mesh centerline, our tester had airflow consistent from visor…

Four Bug Busters

  1. Equifit Ear Bonnet Our tester’s ear-sensitive horse seemed to love this bonnet from Equifit! While her horse often gets distracted by the fabric of most bonnets on his ears, the fine, lightweight, and stretchy spandex mesh that makes…

Eco-Friendly Products

1. EcoLicious Equestrian De-Stress Skip the silicon in most detanglers—you want your horse’s tail to be healthy, not covered in a coat of “super silky” plastic. Our tester (whose tactic for a full tail is to not brush it) was…

Equestrian Undergarments

1. Women’s AIP Sport Underwear by Pony Tail Sportswear Sore seat bones? The Pony Tail Sportswear underwear is for deep-seated equestrians (we are looking at you, dressage, eventing, and western riders) who need a little cushion. As any avid rider…

Accessorize Your Ride

1. Ploughman’s Saddlery EZ Spur Straps These spur straps were perfect for our too-lazy-to-take-her-spurs-off tester who would do just that and end up with stretched out straps. The EZ Spur Straps have Velcro that makes it so you can simply unhook and slide your…

Stay Cozy in Winter Breeches

1. Riding Sport Dakota Thermo Riding Pant Whether you are in the saddle or just around the barn, the Riding Sport Dakota Thermo Riding Pant is sure to keep you warm on the bottom—without making you feel like a marshmallow! While they are slightly bulkier than…

PPE: Riding Jeans

This month, we tested riding jeans in our Prepurchase Exam. After all, it’s a cowgirl’s jeans (err…genes), that make her who she is! CJ Jeans Company While these riding jeans don’t have all the bells and whistles of other riding jeans…

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  • Making the switch from Jumpers to Hunters
  • Bullies at the Barn: Advice for When a Problem Arises
  • All About Abscesses

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